The Fletcher Company also offers services in the field of precision machining of stainless steel and steel. We provide services in their own material, and the material provided by the customer. We guarantee the timely realization of orders and high quality of services offered.

Services in our offer:

Services Short description
CNC Laser cutting

Laser cutting is now one of the most precise cutting technology and at the same time a relatively inexpensive way to get almost any shape.

We service laser cutting stainless steel and steel. Modern Laser burner allows the execution of cuts of very good quality and with high repeatability.
CNC Bending

We offer sheet metal bending and elements of stainless steel and steel with high-quality hydraulic press brake.

Because of the precision bending at any angle we obtain excellent reproducibility and precision of shapes of the profiles bending.
TIG Welding

TIG welding is a method that we use to combine stainless steel and steel.

Welding processes taking place in the argon and all the services are performed by welding Our professional team of experienced professionals.

By the rolling change the structure of the material, and thus its mechanical and physicochemical properties.

Consequently, carrying out plastic processing stainless steel rolling mills are a great way to shaping the material. We realize rolling in cold method.

This type of plastic sheet metal processing takes full advantage of the vulnerability of steel deformation (after exceeding the yield strength).

As a result, you can get the product often very complex shape.

The two basic parameters that characterize the work of a band saw feed and speed. A ratio of the feed rate of the material being cut to the depth to which the blades fall, allows efficient cutting without overloading the same blade.

We offer cutting efficient and professional equipment. Our technologists perfectly know the material with which they work, thereby cutting bandsaw is effective and efficient, and the price of service is commensurate with respect to the quality of the work.

We offer drilling in stainless steel and steel to a depth of max. 10 [mm].

Drilling services performed quickly and efficiently while maintaining the precision of holes and thus optimizing the time and cost of services.

Slot and industrial channels

Our channels are solid products Industrial channels are stainless steel products and usually use to drainage water and refuses to sewage system. This types of drainage are use in food and building industry.

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Stainless steel furnitures

We have a wide range of strong and stable furniture made of stainless steel. For exemple: furniture for restaurants/kitchens, work tables, cabinets, carts, racks and much more.

We use high quality of stainless steel and steel. We take orders on standard dimensions and we design the furniture of unusual shapes and sizes. We also offer professional advice of experienced professionals in the industry and provide prompt delivery.

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